Farbspritzpistole mit Sauchbecher

This FERM ATM1040 paint sprayer with bottom cup is very versatile in use thanks to its many applications. In a matter of seconds everything looks sleek and new again! From fence to car and from boat to garden set, even the front of a house can get a whole new look! This pneumatic paint gun comes with a universal DIN/Orion coupling and an air hose that is easy to connect to any compressor.

What is the article suitable for?

The paint sprayer can be connected to a compressor and is very suitable for spraying different materials/objects. Think for example:

- Plate material of the car
- Metal garden fences
- Wooden fences
- Furniture
- Facade of a house
- Machines

The most important benefits of the FERM paint gun:

- Large container capacity: 750cc
- Quick and easy to refill
- Easy to use thanks to the easy-to-adjust spray pattern and adjustable spray supply 
- Light weight for long-lasting working comfort<

The most important specifications:

- Working pressure: 4.5 - 6 bar
- Nozzle diameter: 1.5mm
- Max. flow rate: 6cfm
- Capacity container: 750cc
- Weight: 0.65 kg

Artikelnummer: ATM1040

Verfügbarkeit: Nicht auf Lager

17,95 €



Gewicht 0.6300
EAN Code 8717479001378
Inklusive 1x FERM ATM1040 Farbspritzpistole


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Manual ATM1040


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