Drückluftsatz 5-Tlg.

The ideal addition to your compressor! This FERM ATM1036 air tool set consists of the most commonly used air tools. For example, the set contains a spray gun, tire inflator with pressure gauge, air blow gun, air engine cleaning gun and a 5m PU hose. These tools are suitable for various brands of compressors with a DIN or Orion connection (including the FERM CRM1044, CRM1045 and CRM1046).

For which jobs can you use this set for?
This complete air tool set is suitable for a wide variety of jobs in and around the house where air pressure is involved. For example:

Spray gun: suitable for easy and smooth spraying of objects. Most commonly used for lacquering and applying primer. Think of loose parts like local repair spots on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.
Air blow gun: suitable for spraying various liquids. For example, for maintaining and/or thoroughly cleaning various (rust-sensitive) materials such as garden tools and the spraying of crops.
Tyre inflator with pressure gauge: for easy and quick inflation of tyres (0 - 7 bar). Think of: bicycle tires, car tires, soccer balls, basketballs, volleyballs, handballs, rugby balls, or tires that require a higher pressure.
Air engine cleaning gun: for cleaning processed workpieces/workstations, removing sawdust, dust and water.
Spiral hose: increases the working range by 5 meters, so you don't have to move and/or lift your compressor as much.

Benefits of the FERM Tool:

Ideal: the most commonly used air tools in one set!
Universal: suitable for different brands of compressors with a DIN or Orion connection
Versatile: carry out a wide variety of jobs in no time at all.

Tips & Tricks:

Would you like to expand your working area even further? Then order the ATA1027 10 meter air hose. Also, take a look at the ATA1025, this set contains all the important fittings and quick couplings for your compressor.

Artikelnummer: ATM1036

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29,95 €



Spray gun:

Operating pressure: 4.5 – 6 bar
Nozzle diameter: 1.5mm
Aluminium cup capacity: 600cc
Coupler: DIN
Weight: 0.55kg

Tyre inflating gun with pressure gauge:

Operating pressure: 0 – 7 bar
Length of hose: 350mm
Weight: 0.40kg
Coupler: DIN

Air blow gun:

Recommended pressure: 2 – 4 bar
Nozzle diameter: 2.0mm
Weight: 0.15kg
Coupler: DIN

Air engine cleaning gun:

Recommended pressure: 2 – 4 bar
Nozzle diameter: 2.0mm
Aluminium nozzle length: 255mm
Capacity: 900cc
Coupler: DIN
Weight: 0.55kg 

5m PU hose

Type: 5mm x 8mm
Max. pressure: 8 bar
Coupler: Universal/DIN
Weight: 0.25kg



Gewicht 1.7100
EAN Code 8717479001330
Anschluss DIN
Ausblaspistole 2.0mm
Ausblaspistole 2 - 4bar
Inklusive 1x FERM ATM1036 Drückluftsatz, Oberbecher, Lackierpistole, Flüssigkeitseinspritzung, Reifenpumpe mit Manometer, Blaspistole, Spiralschlauch
Reifenfu 0 - 7bar
Reifenfu 350mm
Schlauch Universal/ DIN
Schlauch 5m
Schlauch 5 x 8mm
Spritzpistole 4.5 - 6 BAR
Spritzpistole 1.5mm
Spritzpistole 400cc
Reinigungspistole 2.0mm
Reinigungspistole 255mm
Reinigungspistole 2 - 4bar


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Manual ATM1036


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